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The Weight is over... Let CLH help you

CLH Weight Loss combines  a safe and effective program that promote weight Loss.

Our Physician supervised program, is a individualized program with your needs in mind.

We use the latest scientific information  including the latest  weight loss  medications  and extensive support system.  

We provide  support to help curb your appetite, decrease your cravings ,  helping you   to reach your weight loss goals.

Our programs are structured for every budget,  while offering  a comprehensive, extraordinary plans and support.

CLH is here to ensure  your personal success. Come, get started to today, our dedicated staff is waiting for you.

Our Physician supervised weight-loss program..Helps guide you to success

What to expect on your first visit

1.  During your  initial consultation, your patient profile is developed using a detailed questionnaire that you fill out. Your consultant will then ask you many questions regarding your weight history, which will elicit information pertaining to three main categories: your medical history, which can greatly effect your ability to gain and lose weight; the emotional component of your eating, which is crucial in determining the correct program for you; and your nutritional needs, including your correct caloric intake.

2.  Once we have identified your specific set of challenges, we will recommend the most appropriate course of action to reach the goals outlined in our  program.

3. Our commitment to your individualized weight loss plan begins with the intake consultation, a comprehensive blood test, body measurements, weigh-in, and a physical examination.

4. The doctor will then evaluate you to determine the most suitable medications to administer during your program. Next, you will meet with a counselor to outline your nutrition plan.

5. During each appointment you will receive a checkup and and your progress will be analyzed. Our skilled counselors will meet with you during each phase to help educate and counsel you. These steps combine to ensure your weight loss success.

**Results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.