CLH Physicians look into your families past health history, to help you have a Healthier future. 

       CLH  Medical Clinic  in San Bernadino, Ca provides affordable health care for families, seniors,  and individuals living in the surrounding area. A family practice geared to keeping people healthy, this clinic treats a variety of health issues in a professional and compassionate way.

       Our office philosophy is to treat everyone professionally, with  a tender  compassion,  that we want to receive were we the patient.

      CLH  Medicine clinic's goal is to educate, educate, educate. Many patients when asked, believe they are doomed by genetics and are helpless to do anything about it. CLH  clinic reminds patients, that genetics may load the gun, but their  lifestyle pull the trigger. With new information, patients can feel empowered to take active steps to help change some of the  activities and lifestyle they are currently involved in and start small changes that will amount to big benefits. CLH clinic  is a group of doctors who embody advanced medicine and compassionate care. Come check us out.