"Teaching YOU how to Live Well" lecture Series

      We all go to the Doctor because we are unwell or have some health concern we don't understand. The way health care is dispensed usually  does not  equip the patient  with  information on the case of their illness.   Thus  the patient becomes a victim of "  give a man a fish syndrome, instead of teaching you how to fish.

      At CLH we are  intentional on wanting you to live your best and healthiest life now by offering  our quarterly lecture series  "Teaching  you how to live well". We  at CLH ,

"just don't want to give you a pill we want to give you the skills"  to take charge of your health.

      We at CLH want to be the tool you use to achieve your healthiest you ever. We want you to ask your Physician  questions outside the private one on one patient doctor relationship. Hear about the latest scientific inforamation . Learn what the connection is between food, genetics and disease.  Find out if you are doomed by your family history or if there is hope. Learn how to get control of your chronic lifestyle disease and live victoriously.  

      Come to CLH and get information and find hope for you and your family. Our first meeting will be

December 6th 2016 at 6:30pm-7:40 pm

Place:CLH waiting room (free to  patients and the Public )

Come,... CLH wants to Help you Optimize YOUR Health through Education.