Exercise and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand.Although everyone knows they must exercise busy and hectic lives make motivation difficult at times.Understanding this we at CLH Clinic have decided to hire a personal trainer and motivational coach.


meet marc

Marc Genece is our new personal trainer and fitness coordinator.Marc has been a personal trainer for nearly fifteen years and has helped many clients lose weight and tone up.Marc will work with you to set up a training plan and will motivate you along the way to ensure you are staying with the program.Our physician will refer you to the program and registration starts at $25.00.The program is affordable with small group sessions starting at $15.00.In addition to being a trainer Marc has been a Hospital Chaplain for a major hospital group the past 12 years.


Personalized training

Marc works closely with Dr. Williams to put together a training program that will bring results .With small group sessions starting at $15.00 this program will definitely kick start your weight loss journey.The process begins with a physical exam from the Dr. this is included in the initial registration fee.This is followed be a training session where Marc will determine your comfort level and put together a training schedule for you.Spaces are limited in the group training so schedule an assessment today.


State of the art training center

Marc enjoys training in various gyms but will be conducting most of his training sessions at a state of the art personal training gym in Loma Linda..This is not a public gym and so your privacy is respected so call today to schedule a consult.